• How you can register into the portal?

Registration is very easy into the portal. The user needs to have an email address, active internet connection and device. User just has to click on the “Sign up today” and follow the steps.

  • What is Quick Pay Code?

Quick Pay Code is a unique identification code which is necessary to pay bill online.

  • Where I will be able to get the quick pay code?

Quick Pay Code will be available on a medical bill statement which will be given to the patient.

  • How can I view the information related to my insurance?

You will be able to see insurance related every information under the profile type of patient portal.

The portal is developed by Athena health which is a trusted developer. So it is completely safe and secure in order to pay medical bills online.

  • How will I able to see my account balance?

You will be able to see the account balance under recent charges payable online tab. The charges will be shown to you along with its date and time.